Getting Started

Contact Lindsey to get started on your 1 on 1 nutrition coaching!

The following information is for Bold Life and Bold Performance Clients ONLY!

  1. Initial Testing: Schedule initial testing for a Resting Metabolic Reading and a Fit3D or Dexa Scan prior to your initial meeting. If not in the Houston area, Lindsey will research options for you to get this done!
  2. Initial Meeting: Approximately one hour and 30 minutes. We will discuss your personal goals, do a full dietary recall, and go through your daily/weekend schedule. We will then outline meal timing, you will receive personalized macronutrients, education regarding food logging apps, and also discuss specific guidelines and expectations to follow during your journey!
  3. Following Your Initial Meeting: Communication via text daily with updates and 30-minute weekly check-ins that can be completed in person, via Facetime, or by phone call. During check-ins, we will discuss how to properly log food, tips and tricks for logging food, further education on macro and micronutrients, fueling timelines, and further advance you with the quality of food and performance-based guidelines based on your program.
  4. Graduation: The end goal is to educate you properly along the way, so you are able to continue with your nutrition journey independently. Whether your goal is to work towards intuitive eating or continue to fuel for performance, I want you to be comfortable in continuing to reach and/or maintain your goals!

Additional Information

*Recommended initial 3-month commitment to enable us to make changes and allow your body time to adjust to a new nutrition approach

*After your initial 3-month commitment, if ready you are able to transition to bi-weekly or monthly check-ins based on your progress towards your goals and what help you then need at that time. Prices will vary based on check-in frequency.

*Weekly workout programming is offered for Bold Life clients and is included in nutrition pricing.

*Bold Advancement clients will complete an initial meeting that will take approximately one hour. Daily text updates and weekly e-mail check-ins will be completed on designated assigned days, with feedback received within 24 hours of receiving e-mail check-in.